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The inside diameter of the ring determines your size. One of the best ways to find your fit is to measure a current ring diagonally across the ring from the inside edge to the opposite inside edge with a ruler. This will give you the inside diameter measurement.

Once you have this information, compare against the size chart to determine your size. If the ring falls between two sizes, order the larger size. 

To fit comfortably a ring should be snug enough not to fall off but allow enough space to slide over your knuckle.

Keep in mind that finger size can change depending on the time of day and the weather. Measure a few times to ensure accuracy.

Idlewild rings come in the following sizes;


Idlewild Ring Size Chart


We offer a variety of necklace lengths and each design has a 4cm extension chain to adjust as you like. Below provides an approximate guide indicating where each neck length will sit on the body.

Idlewild Necklace Size Guide



Idlewild bracelets come in a chain length of 17cm with a 2cm extension chain to adjust as you like. Solid bangles are 17cm in diameter. We will always note any adjustment options on the individual design details.



The hand crafted process creates unique characteristics that are individual to each design. We also use natural gemstones so there may be slight variations from the photograph.

Our gold coloured items use high quality bronze metal that is coated in an anti-tarnish coating. However, please note, by its very nature, metal materials will naturally tarnish over time.

We recommend using your Idlewild polishing cloth after wear to keep your jewellery looking beautiful.

To ensure longevity, remember to adorn yourself with jewellery after applying cosmetics and perfume and keep out of contact with other chemical substances.

Remove jewellery before you bathe or swim and
 avoid bending or twisting chains beyond their natural shape.


To protect your jewellery, store pieces individually, placed in a box or cloth pouch to avoid them being scratched or tangled. Keep out of direct sunlight and exposure to humidity.  



Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals for strength and resilience. Originating in continental Europe in the 11th Century, this precious metal is thought to have been named for the Old English word meaning ‘little star’. Sterling silver is a beautiful high quality metal that does not tarnish or fade with time. To keep your silver looking beautiful polish regularly to keep clean and maintain the natural lustre.


An ancient metal that has been in existence for thousands of years. We use bronze because of its naturally warm gold colour that is reminiscent of vintage gold.

Bronze will naturally tarnish over time so we dip our bronze pieces in an anti-tarnish solution that should provide protection for at least one year. Bronze usually changes colour evenly but exposure to chemicals and certain body products may have unpredictable results so always make sure to follow our care instructions. 


We use gold filled chains for all of our gold chain designs. Gold filled is an actual layer of solid gold that is pressure bonded to another metal. It is a higher quality than gold plated without the expense of solid gold. It is tarnish resistant and unlike plated gold, it will not rub or flake off. 


All of our gemstones are natural stones. We use high quality A grade stones in a variety of shapes and sizes. Gemstones have played a central role in the myths, fairy tales and fables of human cultures throughout history.  Each gemstone is unique with a special colour, birth place and story. We draw on these ancient stories to inspire our designs.


Idlewild jewellery is designed by hand and crafted by skilled artisans dedicated to quality workmanship and authentic jewellery making techniques.

We believe in supporting traditional craftsmanship that helps to sustain communities and honour skills passed down over generations.

We work directly with our makers to
 ensure ethical work practices.